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Leisure Soon
1. Balance
5 Uniqueness
  In today’s modern life with the increasing emphasis on the
speed and achievements, life has quickened its pace and there
is a greater Work Pressure, starting to restore your health &
relieve the excessive pressure in our day-to-day hectic life,
has truly become a real challenging life cycle to everyone of us.
The Founder of Natural Leisure, Leisure Soon has outlined herewith his 5 Holistic Health Components in
various Leisure Programs to promote Good Health in physical-mental-emotional towards
Greener and Healthier Lifestyle, as Shown by the Health Chain below :-
Natural Leisure, with its humble beginning age has developed a new Leisure Cuisine & Balance
Beverage (Less fat, less salt and less sugar) to suit your different body constitution & food taste.
We have also prepared a series of Leisure Discovery & Relax Therapies(led by our Healthpro
Practitioners & Leisure Assistants in Natural & Leisure environments, with daily theme in various attires,
music and aroma) to relieve yourself from certain psychological depression or emotional imbalance
factors that may affect biology, and cause serious bodily dysfunction and even diseases.    
In the journey of bringing you through proper
dieting, We have tabulated different types of
nutritional content in a Simple Food Nutrition Chart,
with some descriptions pretaining to their respective
functions and deficiencies for you to select the right
types of Meal, Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water,
Fruits Therapy Or Healthpro Coffee suitable
to improve your overal health.
With the five focused uniqueness that we are above, we commit ourselves to consistently adding
Values and sharing information with you by introducing not only creative and innovative
Leisure & Health Programs, but also multiple Event Management solutions.

        We appreciate your strong support and look forwards to your continual patronage through our
diversified business portfolios, platforms and model that we have developed over years, towards
Leisure-care, Edu-care & Family-care, in physical-mental-emotional-spiritual health balancing.